Chinese beverage

Chinese beverage 1

This one is very small and fresh, and it must be delicious at first glance,It has a lychee flavor and a lemon fruit flavor. The lemon fruit flavor is better in terms of packaging and taste.

Both flavors are on the sweet side, and even sweet photographers find it too sweet. But this kind of sweetness is in line with the eating habits of Sichuan people.

Because this can neutralize the spiciness of the three meals a day.

Laoshan Coke is a drink in Shandong. It is said that this drink can make Shandong hunky men soften their sisters in a second.

Chinese beverage4

Unscrew the bottle cap, the sound is very small, and at first glance, it is not very angry. It smells weird, I don’t have a taste of cola after a sip,

There is a smell of Chinese medicine.

Since there is Laoshan Coke, Fu Coke asked to play!

Chinese beverage3

Tianfu Cola is slightly better than Laoshan Cola, but the problem is the same as Laoshan Cola. It has no taste of Cola, and it also has a taste of Chinese herbal medicine. What a pair of coke brothers who don’t have a taste of coke~

Chinese beverage3 Chinese beverage4

But I never thought that this was actually the intangible cultural heritage of Chongqing. Is it because of the terrain that it needs to be healthy from an early age hahaha~

When I was young, I couldn’t finish drinking drinks from glass bottles and couldn’t take them away. Pour soda into a plastic bag to insert a straw, tie a knot and take it away. Drinking while walking is the deepest memory of childhood after school.

Chinese beverage5

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