Those who drink freshly polished hands look down on those who drink hang ears, those who drink hang ears look down on Italian styles, and those who drink Italian look down on instant ones. For many people, it is necessary to drink a cup of freshly grinded hands. Not to mention time and financial resources, the technology alone is enough to make you use freshly grinded hands to make a pot of water. The gain is not worth the loss. As long as the mind does not slip, there are more solutions than difficulties. In the coffee business, the appearance of hanging ears is particularly friendly to people with less comprehensive conditions. 

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dripping coffee does not need to be ground, no grinder; no filter cup, filter paper, etc.; the amount of powder per bag is fixed (8-12g), no need to measure beans, one bag per cup. You can experience a variety of flavors. Generally, the weight of a bag of coffee beans is 100g or 227g, and it is made into 8-20 cups. The design of a bag with a cup on the ears makes it possible for coffee beans to be “assorted”.

But what has been criticized is how to maintain the freshness of hanging ear coffee? SCA requires freshly ground coffee to be tasted within 15 minutes. The life cycle of the hanging ears after grinding is usually extended to one year. How much will the flavor of the coffee remain after a few months and one year? In fact, the hanging ears also considered the need for preservation at the beginning of their invention. Therefore, the outer bag of the hanging ears is filled with nitrogen to keep it fresh, which prevents oxidation and moisture. This method has also become one of the selling points of hot X-can tea.

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Coffee friends who have drunk the hanging ears must have experienced it. After a few months of storage, the flavor loss of a well-sealed hanging ear bag is not obvious. In fact, fresh coffee beans have higher requirements for storage conditions. Even if they are stored well, the best flavor period of a bag of coffee beans should not exceed 2 months as much as possible. In other words, if you are not addicted to coffee, you have to drink a few large cups every day, the ears are more suitable! Does the hanging ear coffee taste good when you just make it? That can only be a luck! Even with the ears, there are some basic things that need to be paid attention to, such as the powder-to-water ratio, brewing time, and the speed of flushing, taking these details into consideration, in order to drink a relatively stable coffee.

The following is a relatively universally applicable method derived from experimental data by coffee lovers.

Equipment preparation:

1.Cups of more than 300ml: The coffee liquid extracted by a cup of hanging ear is about 140ml-180ml, but in order to prevent the hanging ear bag from being soaked in the coffee liquid during the extraction process, so as to maintain a uniform filtration rate, the volume of the cup should be Choose more than 300ml.
2.Water, pure water or mountain spring water will do, depending on your own conditions.
3.Use a kettle for hand-pouring a pot with a thin mouth and a long mouth. For the hanging ears that have not been tried, you can first try with a ratio of 1:18 powder to water, and then make small-scale adjustments according to personal tastes to find the most suitable taste.

Brewing steps:

1. Open the outer bag, tear off the sealing line on the inner bag of the hanging ears, and open the ears on both sides to hang on the cup.
2.The water is heated to about 90 degrees. (Generally, the kettle for making tea has water temperature control, so let’s train it to drink tea by the way)
3.The first water injection: pour hot water into the hanging ear until it is completely full of coffee powder, and wait for 20 seconds. (Approximately 20ml of water has been injected at this time)
4.The second water injection: inject hot water into the hanging ears to a height of 1cm from the mouth of the bag, and wait for all the filtering to be completed. (At this time, about 100ml of water has been injected)
5.The third water injection: pour hot water into the hanging ears to a height of 1 cm from the bag mouth, and wait for all the filtration to be completed. (The total water injection volume is 180ml, at this time the total water injection time is basically about one and a half minutes). If you want to be thicker, you can lower the third water injection height to 1.5-2cm of the bag mouth. It should be noted that the water flow should be kept uniform throughout the water injection process, using a small flow of water and a circular motion from the inside to the outside. Having said that, you guessed it, coffee is about to be sold! 100% Arabica was freshly baked on March 1st. Fresh, delicious, and tough, come one?

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Post time: Jul-26-2021