What are the thoughtful designs for pharmaceutical packaging?

Now everything pays attention to a design. Some of the carefully designed products have become beautiful, some have become advanced, and some have become unaffordable…

In fact, there are many careful designs on the packaging of medicines. Let’s take a brief look at the small details in the medicine.

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1. Pediatric cold medicine, “half pack” design is very considerate

I didn’t pay attention to it until a customer came to buy cold medicine for the child, called for the XX brand, and emphasized that there was a “half pack” brand.

When you open it, it is true that there is a dividing line in the middle of each package. For children, the dosage of cold medicine should be determined according to different ages and weights. With the dividing line, you can easily and accurately grasp the dosage when giving medicine to your baby, whether it is a pack, a half pack, or a pack and a half.

This design is really considerate. like!


2. Rolling ball wind oil and rolling ball cooling oil

Two summer hot products: Fengyoujing and Cooling Oil.

Fengyoujing and cooling oil are essential products for summer home travel. The average price of a 9ml bottle of Fengyoujing is 5 yuan. The average price of 3 grams of cooling oil is 3 yuan. It has a wide range of uses and the price is very close to the people.

Until one day, Rolling Ball Wind Oil and Rolling Ball Cooling Oil appeared. Compared with traditional wind oil essence and cooling oil, it is more convenient and safer to use. No need to worry about spilling or over-spreading when using Roller Ball Oil. Rolling ball cooling oil is more convenient, the application is very even, a thin layer, and there is no need to apply it with your fingertips.

Roll-ball style oil, the packaging bottle has a more design sense, even if you put a bottle in the bag, it will not make people feel embarrassed. The shopping crowd is younger.

Roll-ball cooling oil, the specification is 6 grams, the packaging looks small and cute, people can’t help but open it and smell it and apply it. The smell is comfortable, easy to carry, and easy to apply.

It’s an excellent idea to use “rolling balls” on wind oil essence and cooling oil. This design is thoughtful!


3. Screw cap

Some medicine bottle caps cannot be opened by force alone. No matter which direction you screw it in, the cap just rotates and cannot be opened. Just like the bicycle chain is loose, no matter how hard it is, it just empties the roulette wheel.

The above type of bottle cap is called a screw cap. It is often used in the packaging of some antipyretics, calcium tablets and other medicines. There is only one purpose of use: to prevent children from taking medicines by mistake.

The screw cap adopts a double-layer structure inside and outside, which are connected by a card slot. If you want to open the lid, you only need to push the outer lid down while driving the inner lid to rotate, so that it can be opened. Although it seems simple, because children have poor physical coordination, it is difficult to open the bottle directly. It is a good way to prevent children from taking drugs by mistake.

Post time: Aug-02-2021